Counselling in Bromley and South London from Granville Consultancy

When it feels as if the world has closed its ears and there’s nobody there to share your problems with, there’s always somebody willing to listen at Granville Consultancy. We provide therapy and counselling for clients in Bromley, South London, Kent and the Southeast of England. Our fully qualified counsellors have fifteen years of professional experience helping people on our local area.

The team at Granville Consultancy provides understanding and sympathetic help for individuals, families, schools, local businesses and organisations. Our work covers a full range of personal, group and corporate issues. We use empathetic counselling techniques in relaxing and positive environments. Our methods encourage clients to talk openly about their personal and workplace problems.

Responsive Counselling and Family Therapy in Bromley

Under most circumstances, the team at Granville Consultancy will arrange a meeting with a counsellor inside 48 hours. We believe that it’s better to bring problems out into the open at the earliest possible stage. Our counselling sessions and our family therapy extends beyond our headquarters in Bromley to cover more than forty different locations.

We are here to provide caring, friendly counselling and to help parents and adolescents throughout the southeast in dealing with their family problems, relationship issues and career difficulties. Our team excels in individual and group counselling and we offer family therapy for parents and adolescents. Granville Consultancy uses life coaching to promote a positive outlook and organisational therapy for our growing portfolio of corporate clients.

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